Message from the President

Since starting out with exports of tire casings to overseas retreading plants in 1983, Global Corporation has enjoyed steady expansion into new fields – tire imports, industrial supplies, food items, and more. And at every step, being “an enterprise that’s genuinely helpful for customers” has been our motto.

Waste disposal, food crises, and other grave concerns are global-scale problems that society today faces. How can humankind find happiness in times such as these? As a company, how can we help make a difference? At Global, we remain committed to rolling out operations grounded on a correct awareness of the times and our international world, even as we continue sharing our social role and values with our customers.

Global may be small, but as our name suggests, we maintain a global frame of reference and strive to be an enterprise capable of sharing our values with the world. “Small, but excellent” – small, but brimming with appeal and social value — that’s how Global hopes to be.

Hidemasa Marumo
Global Corporation

Corporate Profile

Name Global Corporation
Head office Yokohama Newport Bldg. 4F
194 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku
Yokohama, 231-0023 Japan
Tel +81-45-212-5800 Fax +81-45-212-5900
Nagoya office 3-65 Emukae-cho, Nishi-ku
Nagoya, 451-0013 Japan
Tel +81-52-528-5665 ax +81-52-528-5664
September 1983
December 1989
Representative Hidemasa Marumo, President
Paid-in Capital 30 mil (J.Yen)
Lines of Business Manufacturers’ representative
Wholesales & Marketing
Imports & Exports
Consultancy of oversea business
Senior and child care
Main Products SSI Electric Dual-Shear Shredders
Granutech Hydraulic Dual Shaft Shredders
Granutech Granulators & Grinders
Recycle tires & Crumb rubbers
Continental, ContiTech Engineered Products
AZEK Vast Pavers
Specialty tires (farm, turf, industrial tires)
PCR, LT, TB, OTR tires & Rims, Wheels
Warehouse Global Atsugi warehouse
6-1 Sanda, Atsugi
Kanagawa 243-0211, Japan
Tel +81-46-210-4070 Fax +81-46-210-4470
Banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Co., Ltd. (Yokohama Chuo branch)
Mizuho Bank, Ltd. (Yokohama Chuo branch)
The Bank of Yokohama, Ltd. (Kannai branch)